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Sunbeam Alpine silhouette

Alpine Innovations

For Sale

Wooden Dashboards LHD & RHD with & without glove box lid.

Wooden Steering wheels, Rocker Covers, Wind Deflectors, Sun visors, Weber kits.


Contact Jerome Tel: 07831 379415


Alpine Innovations Website

For Sale

SII / SIII OD Gearboxes (a le concours) Fully reconditioned and guaranteed for 6 months.

Series I, IV, V & Overdrives reconditioned.


Contact John Tel:01928 732951



Workshop Manual (hard cover) for Rootes light car range (all models with 1725 cc engine).

Publication No: W.S.M. 145 /Part No: 6601231

Good condition except for a few greasy fingerprints on page edges.


Contact: Kris Telephone: 0208 993 2922 Email




Quantity available prices (each)

2 Bumpers (good shape!)  £100.--

4 Grills Series I - III £75.--

2 Trunk lids (round corners) £50.--

2 RH doors (occasion) £50.--

1 LH door NOS £450.--

2 Hoods (round corners) £100.--

4 Tail fins Series I - III, 2RH and 2 LH (per pair): £150.--

3 Windscreen frames Series I £250.--

1 Windscreen frame Series II £250.--

4 Seats Series ? £25.--

4 Side window channels (on door) Series I £25.--

4 Side window channels (on door) Series II £25.--


1 Engine 1600 £250.--

2 Engines 1500 £300.--

1 HOLBAY: cylinder head/ new CH gasket/ special inlet manifold and 4 Double Webers £ 1,000.--

2 Complete "Hunter" Gearboxes with OD and additional short primary shaft and bell housing for Alpine   £ 150.--


2 New springs, about 8 cm free height with a big and a small eye  £150.--

3 Front axles £25.--

4 Rear axles £50.--


7 Tail lights (glasses) £5.--

5 Rear Reflectors £5.--

2 Supports for the 3 tail lights (the pair) £100.--

1 New Master cylinder £35.--

1 BENDIX Servo, completely reconditioned £150.--

2 Cable guides for trunk opening £25.--


4 New, Special made side windows (each) / (pair) £150 / £250

2 Side windows with chrome frame (each) / (pair) £200 / £350


1 Hood tray covers (two smalls and one large) £100.--


2 Steering wheels  £make offer

1 Steering column LH, good condition! £850.--

1 Steering relay £50.--

4 Middle track rods £10.--

5 Small water pumps (S I) 1 longer type (ALL together) £50.--

3 Heating radiators £50.--

1 Solex carburetor with inlet manifold £50.--

6 Head lamp rings  (2 for £75.--) £45.--

4 Wheel caps (the 4) £75.--

2 Valve covers £45.--

3 Brake servos to recondition £25.--

2 Reconditioned brake calipers, Series III and on, as NEW!; with pads. The pair £150.--


1 Steering column RH in good condition! £ 850.--

2 Bars for under the dashboard £25.--

1 Dashboard £50.--

1 Glove box £35.--

2 Glove box "surrounds" in good shape! £75.--



TELEPHONE:  00 33 1 64 00 84 73

* ALL Prices can be discussed, make your best offer!

* Transport will be arranged!


For Sale

Hardtop for Sunbeam  Alpine Series 1-2, including rubber seals and fittings but without backlight.

I have also a lot more pics to send on request.

Asking Price: 1200 Euro (without delivery costs)

Country: Austria

Telephone: +4314060789 Email


For Sale

Four speed synchromesh overdrive gearbox. Complete with column switch, 3rd/4th gear switch,

relay and gear lever (please note the gear knob has been modified to show the driver’s side

down position for reverse).  A date of 6/8/64 is cast into the side of the main gearbox. The gearbox

and overdrive are in very good condition and have been stored in a dry garage for over 30 years.

Buyer to collect from Peterborough, Cambs.  Asking Price: £350.00

Contact: Terry (SAOC  Member) Tel 01733 311088 Email


For Sale

Parts information: 40 years of collecting Alpine treasures and now the house and my garages

are up for sale so its Clearout time. Series V 1725cc engine for rebuild/refurbishment. Block

stamped B395016812GT OD HRO dated 7-8-67, stripped down. Pistons conrod crank in situ,

rest in boxes. Includes complete head, camshaft, oil pump, rocker cover, rocker arms, timing gears,

chain and cover, side plate. Bolts, studs etc. Been dry stored for many years in my workshop.

Can be seen at LE14 4UB.

What is it worth to you?

Contact Tom Jones 07702 376418 Email


For Sale

One set of 5 wire wheels with tyres spare tyre new rest v/good, front splines hubs and rear splined hubs on drive shafts S5 with spinners. £550

2 x Rear springs for S3,4 and 5 good condition. £100.00

All the following parts are off a S5 Alpine from California I am breaking the whole car all parts available

Bonnet fair condition  £150.00

Boot lid has been repaired  £50.00

Exterior door handles £50.00 each

Roadster quarter lights £35.00 each

Indictor switch £60.00

O/S & N/S wider mechanism £50.00 each

O/S front door shell slight damage  £250.00

L H D steering box and idler assy   £300.00

I can send pictures of all the parts just ask please, all prices are plus postage or free collection

Contact: Eric 07801850814 Email (Kirkliston, West Lothian)


For Sale

Used parts for sale (prices not including shipping);

Propshaft £75

Jaeger Rev Counter (series 5) £85

Gearbox with overdrive and synchro, late series £375

Windscreen and surround £275

Rear axle £350

Steering box £150

Pair Stromberg 150CD Carburettors £175

Numerous small items including door handles, window winders, handbrake lever, engine bay struts, distributor.

Please call Martin :07703 029823 (Gloucester) for further details.  Email


For Sale

1 - 1725cc full engine complete with Stromberg Carburettors and flywheel. Ran fine with good oil pressure when it was last used. £250

2 - Spare cylinder head for 1725 engine. £50

3 - Set of 6 Series V steel wheels.  Were professionally white painted some time ago. Could do with a repaint. £150

4 - Series V radiator. £50

Other miscellaneous items (Epsom Area)

Telephone: 07770 477 200



For Sale

Genuine unused  Rootes badge bar for sale. Bought for a 1962 Series 2 Alpine in that year and never fitted. Offers.

The chromium plating has been protected with lacquer since new. I have recently removed it to show the quality of the chrome.

£ Offers invited.

Tel:01353776174 (Ely)



For Sale

Free on collection:

3 bearing short engines (1 dismantled): 2 available

5 bearing crankshaft (1725):  1

Set of 4 x 1725 pistons and con rods: 1

Non O/D gearbox with bellhousing  2

Pair of seat frames (base and back)  1

Windscreen and surround; believed to be Series I 1

All the above for free or will go for scrap in 6 months time.

For Sale

Ford 289 V8 and gearbox with torque convertor and Ford C3 autobox. All ancillaries included. Starter, alternator, distributor, Holley carb, water pump, fan, radiator cowl, aircon compressor, air cleaner. Ex Mustang. 2000 miles since full overhaul. £2000

Contact: Mr D Cutler (Tiverton EX16 Area) Tel: 01884 254770 / 07871 126143


For Sale

I have the following parts available for Alpines. This is not a comprehensive list - contact me if you need something that is not listed:

S1/2  - petrol tank, rear lights (new and used), lenses,  instruments, early S1 bonnet  (NOS), cantrails, RHD carpets (new),

S1 centre glove box, o'drive gearbox (rebuilt or s'hand), thermostat housing, wishbones, hard top, hood frame, hood bins etc

S5 -  boot lid, wire wheel kit, big bore stainless exhaust, hard top headlining tensioners, front side/indicator light units, rear

lights etc

Also available are 1600 and 1725 REBUILT  1/2 engines (rebored, reground crank, oil pump, core plugs etc). I have 2 brand new 1725 full engines, one std, the other modified. Brand new LSD, 4 branch stainless manifold, pr Webers on inlet.

Smaller secondhand items include headlamp cowls, discs, shoes, drums, pads, front grill, repro egg crate grill, strombergs on inlet, oil cooler kit, heads, diffs, scripts, badges, shields, Moto Lita wheel etc etc

LHD kit for S3-5 - steering, idler, brackets, dash, pedals, wiper linkages etc.

New S3-5 hoods, full width walnut dashboards (RHD/LHD) and S5 hood covers available.

Also have a rust free S1 rolling shell available - please ask.

Full price list/pics available by email - please ring 01704 893251 or Email


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