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Series lV and IVa

January 1964 Series IV Sports and GT introduced

1592cc engine. Sports Tourer and GT available. Trimmed down rear fins, new vertical rear light cluster, slatted grill replaced by single bar with oval badge. Air intake behind the bottom steel trim is painted matt black. Bonnet badge removed. Smaller, rubber faced over-riders now fitted, quick release petrol cap. New side/indicator light units. Wing badges now Series IV. Some later Series IV has squared doors, bonnet and boot corners with panel joints unleaded. Brake servo fitted as standard.

Changes between IV and IVa squared off doors, flywheel, clutch and gear lever reverse gate (towards driver and back) carried over to Series V.

Factory Colours - Moonstone, Embassy Black, Carnival Red, Wedgewood Blue, Midnight Blue, Balmoral Grey, Forest Green, Arctic White, Mediterranean Blue

The following are the ranges of chassis numbers..

Series IV Prototypes - B9300001- B9300006 based on a Series III Body shell.

Series IV B9400001 - B9407936                        

Series IVa B94100001 - B94104470

Built between: 23/10/1963 - 13/8/1965            

We don’t know how many C. K. D. (Complete Knocked Down) kits were exported for assembly at Rootes various plants abroad but the various chassis numbers start as follows.

Series IV B945……..

Series IVa B946……..          

Note. If the chassis number (found on the scuttle) and the engine number (found on the ledge under the front spark plug) are identical, then the engine is the original.