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Sunbeam Alpine cars 1959 to 1968

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Series ll

October 1960 Series II Alpine Sports Introduced

January 1961 Harrington Alpine version introduced

October 1961 Harrington Le Mans Introduced

1592cc engine. Available only as a sports tourer, Soft top housed under metal enclosures, non reclining seats, central glove compartment rear hinged, front number plate on hinged panel. Chrome extension to forward edge of doors. Standard steel wheels have circular vent holes with plain hubcaps with small central dimple. Wire wheel versions have octagonal nuts instead of three eared spinners. Improved hood with side cant rails on frame. Hardtop available, bubble shaped with a wrap around rear window. Hardtop always coloured black. Dashboard painted in dull silver, upholstery in black or scarlet vinyl piped in contrasting colour. Black rubber mats fitted throughout, carpet only on gearbox tunnel, foot well sides and around rear compartment. Sunbeam letters front and rear, enamel badge on bonnet.

NB. All steel wheels on all Series painted polar white, whereas all wire wheels painted silver. Chrome wires never supplied as a factory option.

Factory Colours - Moonstone, Embassy Black, Carnival Red, Seacrest Green, Lake Blue, Wedgewood Blue

The following are the ranges of chassis numbers..

Series II  B9100001 – B9119956             

Built between:   9/9/1960 - 8/2/1963                

We don’t know how many C. K. D. (Complete Knocked Down) kits were exported for assembly at Rootes various plants abroad but the various chassis numbers start as follows.

Series II B915……..       

Note. If the chassis number (found on the scuttle) and the engine number (found on the ledge under the front spark plug) are identical, then the engine is the original.